Summer Demo

by Merkin

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All songs written & recorded by Merkin in the Black With Sap basement.
Album art by Amanda Moore.


released June 3, 2013

Thanks Taylor Kerns and Max Showers for helping us record!



all rights reserved


Merkin Boise, Idaho

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Track Name: Enya's Revenge
dollar taco restaurant at the end of the world
i tried to buy a taco for my favorite girl
she said who the fuck are you, i said don't you recognize me
i live outside your castle peering through the trees

oh enya, asteroids are named after you
oh enya, why can't our kids be too

your body guard threw me out into the cold october snow
but you handed me something and said take this before you go
it was a bag of tacos and i ate them while i cried
this is the story of the day that i died


i started to eat the tacos and was glad they were so cheesy
but when i was almost done i started to feel queasy
enya had poisoned my tacos and i knew the end was near
but don't you worry enya, i'll always be right here


oh enya, i wish i could have been your man
Track Name: Catz
floating down the street in the dead of night
creeping round corners left and right
i'm a sexy ghost cat lady and i just might
haunt you

i'm gonna haunt you

when you leave for work at 9 am
i'm gonna find your cats and hang out with them
we'll sit on your couch and watch judge judy
your cats don't love you like they love me

your cats love me

when you come home i'll be in your pantry
iams and fancy feast so fancy
i'm like a cat but i'm also a lady
and i'm gonna haunt you

i'm gonna haunt you

these are the ways i will haunt you
i will eat all of your cat food
your cats with be happy with me
because i'm a sexy ghost cat lady
and i'm gonna haunt you
i'm gonna haunt you
i'm gonna haunt you
Track Name: Dragons
killing people with my firebreath just for fun
when you're a dragon you don't are about anyone

as a dragon i sleep in a bed gold
but sleeping by myself is getting kind of old
i know i'm a dragon i'm not supposed to fall in love
but you're the only lady dragon i've been thinking of

if i find gold my tail'll be waggin'
cuz that's my life as a teenage dragon
i live in a cave where no one can see
and i wish you'd come hang out with me

i asked her out on a dragon date
she had a milkshake in her hand and french fries on her plate
i accidentally sneezed and burned it with my mouth
and that's when i knew my date was heading south


even though i ruined our date with my poor control of my firebreath
i still let her know she's the only lady dragon i wanted to hang with
and she said...LIKEWISE


i found love, i'm a dragon
Track Name: Psychic Boy
your eyes are spooky
they see right through me
you see the future
does it include me?

psychic boy meet me in the park
we'll bend spoons til it gets dark
psychic boy teleport into my arms
you read my palms and stole my heart

when i first saw you
teleport across the the room
moving shit with your mind
you're moving me too


psychic boy talking to the dead
can't get you out of my head
psychic boy teleport into my bed
my mind must be the only one that you haven't read
Track Name: Shinji
going to school everyday
trying so hard to find a friend
when you're 14 it's hard to be okay
especially when the world is gonna end

and you know you mustn't run away
trying not to do what people say


as a kid you were so withdrawn
you lived with your teacher in the woods
now you pilot the evangelion
and you're trying do the things you should

everything seems so fucked up
and it's summer all year round
robots bigger than a truck
and three secret computers underground


everybody's together again
and you're looking out across the orange sea
everyone's together again
and it's almost like you never met me